New better blog…

October 20, 2012

Got another blog which is easier for me to access and lay-out etc.

And I also have a fashion and beauty based blog:



So if you happen to read this blog ever, you may want to try my newest blogs out!!! 😀



September 16, 2011

So I’ve arrived at university, and I now apologise for not posting anything for some time. I should think I’ll be on here much more often now. But here I am, feeling extremely homesick already:


I miss my sister and my cat, Cookie, very much already. But luckily I still have one more day with Mum and Dad before they drive home tomorrow afternoon. 🙂

Speak soon


18 til I die…

June 14, 2011

It’s good to spare time to be with friends; I haven’t been able to have lunch with them for some time now. Today was good; we had a laugh and it’s helped me to relax a little, and I’m feeling a bit less stressed. I even managed to do revision notes on a whole module in just one lesson today, which helped me to realise that I do know it! Haha! Though I’m still scared for tomorrow’s Sociology exam.

We’re making plans for the holidays already; a beach party for one. I’m going to organise a quiet drinking and BBQ session with all my college friends at the beach so we get to say goodbye properly before heading off to Uni. We’re going to have a whale of a time.
And listening to Lady Gaga at the moment is only making me more eager for the summer to start! I love being 18 (’18 til I die’ – it’s how I feel right now!)

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Today at 1pm I’ll be sitting my first exam, well… My it’s a resit from January; HBIO4. So technically Wednesday’s SOCIO3 is my first exam.
Real life pathetic fallacy exists; it’s raining, it’s grey and gloomy, and I’m dreading these next two weeks. What better way could life symbolise everybody’s disappointment, fear, upset and worry than with a spot of constant rain?! Exams have never been my strong point, I learn better through coursework; I can’t wait for them to be over, yet I wish we had more time.

I’m on the bus currently, heading off to college to do a couple of hours extra revision before the exam. I was going to revise on the bus too, but my brain is still scrambled egg. So instead I’m ironing my mind out with some Enya, and I’m having to resist really hard not to hum along; not unless I want someone to ring to bell and everyone to run off in fear of the strangled cat noise at the back of the bus.

I wish I could sing, like Enya… It’d be better than meditation, better than chocolate, better than any therapy oils. I’d mesmerize myself… I’d be so much more relaxed and ready for these exams.

Good luck to everyone who has exams. And I hope we all get want we both want and deserve in our August result letters.


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Journey <3

June 7, 2011

Went to see Foreigner and Journey Sunday night… Here’s a video I took of Journey, on my new camera 🙂



June 4, 2011

Word of the month: Epiphany = a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.

I hate epiphanies… I have mini ones, quite often. They only leave me more confused and upset. So, epiphanies may well help you to see the truth about situations, but they’re never truths that you wanted to be true… Truths you never even considered, and, like a domino effect, it alters your perception about everything else thereafter.

Each mini epiphany I have leads me into more soul searching, into more predicaments, and more epiphanies. My corners of my mouth drop, all my facial muscles relax as I go blank, my body feels void of emotion and life… The bottom of my gut turns in anticipation of what will or will not happen next. One answer is gained, only to be replaced by a new question.
One day I hope to have an epiphany about the vicious circle of epiphanies…

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It’s May… Next thing I’ll know it’ll be June. An obvious statement, you may think. But time seems to be looming upon me of late. What is ‘of late’ though? Is that days? Months? Years? It’s such a general time, yet we all seem to know it’s intended meaning.
Nevermind… The concept of time is one I struggle with a lot as you may have already noticed. June is a frightening time for me. A time when my life will practically hang in the balance. All my dreams, hopes and wishes will depend on a single moment, a few single moments perhaps. My nerves will be tested, my knowledge and skills too. Exams, of course. I talk of the Summer time exams.

What with the new University fees and other such matters, time has become of the utmost importance; pass now and go to University in September to avoid extortionate prices, or fail and face the dreaded consequences and years of debt after having to go back a year or two.

So, you see my dilemma. I have to get into university this September and the pressure is on to succeed, which, quite frankly, is tough as time isn’t on my side. It wants to haunt me; I know logically I have time, but still if you think about it, the 13th June isn’t really that far away. And that’s way I hate time, because it always looks different from one angle to the next.

The only answer is to fear and cherish time all at once; but how can one do that?! It’s… Well, that’s – for a start – juxtaposition. The two concepts clash completely! I suppose life is filled with loads of these kinds of impossibilities, I just have to make the impossible become possible, won’t I?

Okay, so having just caught up with the news, I heard about this Ryan Giggs affair business… Why? Why, oh, why, do we even care about that sort of trivial information? There are people out there who are dying, fighting for their lives, living in fear of drug lords, faced with incurable disease, caught in a catch-22 with various situations, or on a more positive note, there are people out there that have done colossal things, and made great scarifies for their family, their country… things that would warm the coldest man’s heart, things that would even make an ant proud to have walked behind that person! And we decide to give the spot-light to some twat who decides to ruin his social and celebrity status purely because of the desires of his manhood?! Where is the logic in that?! The fault is his own, he should accept the consequences rather than trying to point the finger at fellow Tweeters who only spoke the truth… Anyway, if the stupid man didn’t want people to know about his affair, then he evidently knew it was wrong, therefore, should he not have committed the act in the first place? If he had too much to loose, should he not have risked it?! Seriously, people lack logic these days. And if he actually loves his mistress, then surely his lifestyle is worth sacrificing for her love, for their love?! Or am I blind to the modern day devotions of love and understand nothing? I thought that love meant sacrificing anything in order to be with each other and let your love flourish… Or was I wrong again? I’ve wasted enough of my time on the subject matter. I just felt the need to speak of what no one will listen to; logic. No one ever listens to logic… Not until it’s too late that is.

We’ll do it our way.

April 27, 2011

There’s a paradise in my head,
Where we all live.
Where all the rules are our own.
No one to tell what to do, what to eat, and what to say.
There’s nothing to fear,
No need to hide,

My life is my own,
And yours is yours,
We don’t care what you say,
We’ll do it our way.

Eat, drink and be merry… Forget the rest.